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$10,000 up for GRABS

in 2021!


Summit Race Your Way In:


*2021 Points Format*


15 Events Total


Events #1-9 ran and calculated as normal.


Starting at Event #10, the points will RESET, taking the Top 45 in Super Pro, Top 30 in Pro, Top 30 in Sportsman, Top 30 in Daily Driver and Top 10 in Jr. Dragster. The Entry Fee to enter the points system at this point will ONLY be $100. Points system is FREE up until then.  If someone opts out, the next in line can pay to get the spot. Points will reaccumulate then from Event #9-15.


After the 15th and final event, we will take then the Top 31 in Super Pro, Top 15 in Pro, Top 15 in Sportsman, Top 15 in Daily Driver, Top 7 in Jr. Dragster, and these racers will have a run off against each other for the points Champion crown in each class on the weekend of the Doc Sipple Memorial Racer Reunion - FOLLOWING the bracket world finals in INDY! #1 points spot from totals of Event #10-15 in all the classes will get the buy first round of the FACE OFF.



The Top 31 in Super Pro, Top 15 in Pro, Top 15 in Sportsman, Top 15 in Daily Driver, Top 7 in Jr. Dragster will carry over grade points on the final reset . 1/4 point for each points event attended. 1 Bonus point for attending all 15 events. 3 bonus points for attending Bracket WORLD Finals for big cars and the ECF for Jr. Dragsters.


The 5 Champions  in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Daily Driver and Jr. Dragster will then run single passes, and the racer with the best package between all Champions will be crowned the 2021 Champion of Champions and take home a cool check written for $10,000!!!


IMPORTANT: Participants that Attend the Bracket World Finals in INDY will receive 3 Grade points for the $10,000 Champion of Champions race at the Doc Sipple Memorial Racer Reunion the following weekend. 


Jr. Dragsters DO NOT run at the Indy Bracket World Finals for Div. 3..... They attend the ECF in Bristol. 


August 4th is Bracket WORLD Finals roster dead line  


Top 20 in Super Pro

Top 14 in Pro no box

Top 8 in Sportsman

Top 2 in Bike 1/4 mile


If we do not have any 1/4 bikes the two open spots will first go to Super Pro then Pro no box then Sportsman.



Kentucky Dragway Season Points Program Info:

-Points will be awarded to points members in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Daily Driver and Jr. Dragsters at select drag racing events, or as other wise noted. 


-Points go to the driver, not the car.


-One point will be awarded per round won and will accumulate throughout the season.


-If you double your car, the double card does NOT at any point receive points.


A) Each points membership may have one designated driver.

B) The designated driver will earn points, not the car.

C) In case of all ties, position will be determined by a run off.

D) Check your points each week. If there is a discrepancy, it must be corrected before the next week.



Points Event #1 & #2 Nov 7-8 2020

for the 2021 season






Sipple's Strong Box





Perfect Light ....... A points racer that has a perfect reaction time .000 during competition, may bring the printout and his or her car number to the front gate and receive 1 BONUS POINT towards their points total.


Dead on ....... A points racer that runs his or her dial in with a -0- during competition, may bring the printout and his or her car number to the front gate and receive 1 BONUS POINT towards their points total. 


Perfect Light / Dead on ....... A points racer that has a perfect reaction time .000 and dead on -0- during competition, may bring the printout to the front gate with their car number for 3 BONUS POINTS and a free entry into the next points event!


*REMEMBER!!! These BONUS POINTS can only be awarded to the original entry, not the double entry.* 



DIAL FOR DOLLARS: Will be run during the time trial sessions throughout the season. There will be 4 individual jackpots, one each in S/Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Jr. Dragster, with a $20 entry fee (collected in the staging lanes).


50% of the jackpot will go to the racer with the best package.


The other 50% will go to the Bracket Finals Kentucky Dragway Team to help offset Team Expenses.


We will also be doing 50 - 50 drawings held by our Kentucky Dragway Team MOM..... 50% goes to winner, 50% goes to Points travel fund......on points events! 





Bracket World Finals

Indy Bound!



"Kentucky Against All Y'all!"




$3000 thats right when YOU win Indy and attend the AAA NHRA Finals in Pomona,  Calif. you get $3000 for travel exspenses.

BEST APPEARING AWARDS: A Best Appearing Car will be selected in S/Pro, Pro ET and Sportsman and the Best
Appearing Bike will be selected from the S/Pro Bike entries. Judging for the Best Appearing Awards will take place in the paddock area behind the North Tower during Saturday morning’s time trial sessions for judging. Additionally, the Best Engineered Entry and Best Appearing Crew will be selected.


NATIONAL DRAGSTER TEAM SPIRIT: There will be a National DRAGSTER Team Spirit award presented to the team showing the most team spirit/support during the event. The National DRAGSTER Team Spirit Award will be judged throughout the event with the winner announced during the special award presentations on Sunday. Winning track receives $400.


RACE OF CHAMPIONS: The Race of Champions will be held Friday afternoon, September 14. There will be an
individual race for each of the 4 brackets (S/Pro, Pro, Sportsman, & S/Pro Bike). The fields will consist of the #1 qualifier from each track in their individual bracket as designated on the Team Roster. Note NO alternates or substitutions will be permitted and the Race of Champions qualifier must compete in the same E.T. bracket during regular eliminations. Qualifiers should complete both of their scheduled Friday time trial runs prior to the
start of elimination, which get underway at 3:00 p.m. A special time trial session for Race of Champion participants that have not taken their allotted 2 time runs will be run prior to driver introductions. Race of Champions qualifiers will not receive any additional time runs. Drivers will be introduced on stage in front of the Parks Tower prior to the first round of competition. Cash purse for the Race of Champions will be $5,200.


NHRA SUMMIT RACING SERIES NATIONALS: Division Champions in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and S/Pro Bike will advance to the NHRA Summit Racing Series Nationals to be held in conjunction with the AAA NHRA Finals in Pomona,  Calif. Each national participant will receive $3,000 for attending and entering the event. Each NHRA Summit Racing Series National Champion will receive $5,000. Should the Division Champion not be able to attend the national championships then the Race of Champion winner will be invited and will receive the $3,000 upon participation. The third alternate will be the event runner-up and the fourth alternate will be the Race of Champion runner-up. Should none of the four be able to attend, then the position will be left vacant. Participants must attend national championship to receive $3,000 bonus. A total cash purse of $116,000 has been posted for the NHRA Summit Racing





Copy, paste and print & mail!



Fill out and send to Kentucky Dragway: 6098 Battlefield Mem. Hwy. Berea, KY 40403

($100 with Application- AFTER QUALIFYING for the Top 115, following Race #6)

Make Check payable to Kentucky Dragway LLC



NAME_______________________________    BIRTH DATE________________________




CITY______________________  STATE________________  ZIP____________________ 




JACKET SIZE_____________________________ T-SHIRT SIZE______________________










NHRA Forms


New NHRA competition license procedures announced in November are being implemented effective January 1, 2016. New license application forms and procedures are available online at nhraracer.com.

All NHRA competition licenses will now incorporate NHRA membership benefits, including catastrophic medical insurance in effect at any NHRA member track or NHRA sanctioned event.  Existing license and membership expirations will be merged into a single expiration for current licensed competitors as they are renewed.

Updates will include three new classifications: Professional, Pro/Sportsman and Sportsman.  Certain levels of competitors in the new Pro/Sportsman and Sportsman categories can obtain a license without a medical exam and will have a lower fee.  Licensed racers at this level also will enjoy a simplified online renewal process to be introduced in coming months.

Pro/Sportsman and Sportsman licenses will be processed through NHRA’s Division offices.


Link to license regulations and application instructions is a PDF print out.


Click Here for License Application Forms

Link to Minor Applications
(all applicants under the age of 18)


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