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Kentucky N/T Series CAR WARS Rules and Dates

April 25 - June 27 - Sept 5 2020


Kentucky N/T 275

1/8 mile - Pro Tree - Clocks Off
Door Cars -  275
NO Bars 
No Boosted BB
$100 Enter
$1000 win bonus plus 100% payback of Entry $100. So if there is 18 cars it will pay $2800

The $1000 bonus is with 16 cars so racers help spreed the word. 
$50 tech card
Chip draw


POWDER PUFF 1/4 mile

Women Only 

Street Tires / Hard Tires

Winner gets a Dimond Ring 

Presented by RivardFineJewelry.com

Extreme Street
1/8 Mile - Pro Tree Clocks Off
28 x 11.5 or 275 DOT tires - 17" wheel or larger can run any DOT
Stick Cars can run 28 x 10.5 slick
Current Tags, Registration and insurance
Radiator, Alternator and lights
Must drive to and from lanes
$100 Killer Call Out
Entry $100 
Tech card $50
100% payback of Entry $100
Here is how the $100 killer Call Out will work.
Road trip challenge: ($100) If you feel that your competitor is not a true “street” car you may challenge them to a road trip. The road trip challenge must go through the race master Aaron Sipple. Both vehicles will then be required to make the road trip. The road trip will be between 9 to 10 miles long and you will have a 20 minute time limit set on how long you will have to complete the road trip. Once you complete the road trip you will be required to make your run without refueling and without cool down time. If you refuse to take the road trip you will be Disqualified.  If you win you get your $100 bet back if you lose the person you challenged gets the $100.



Daily Driver
1/4 mile - Pro Tree - Clocks on
Stock Style suspension
No trans brake - mufflers required (except Turbo Cars)
Current Tags, Registration and insurance

Cars must drive to lanes and return to lanes after the pass
No fueling up, adding ice or changing nitrous bottles
Entry $50
$500 win


1/4 mile - Pro Tree
No trans brake
No delay box
$50 Entry 
$250 Win

1/4 mile - Pro Tree
No trans brake
No delay box
$50 Entry 
$250 Win


Kentucky N/T Junior Dragsters 
The NT Jr. Dragster Class will run under the following rules:
     •  13 Year Old Minimum Age 

  • 18 Year Old Max

   The Chassis must remain a Jr. Dragster and be no more than a

   150 inch wheelbase. Front nose over hang and beam breaker no

   more than 15 inches past the farthest spindle center line. 

• .400 Pro Tree
• Minimum Weight: 500 lbs (Before Run)
• No Power Adders
Flat Top heads motors only 

$100 Entry

100% payback of Entry 

$50 Tech Card



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