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INSANE 660 Race Dates!

May 25th

July 6th

August 31st

October 12th



The Greatest Race in



$5000 to Win

$1500 R/up

$750 Semi

$500 Qtr


No Entry for Car

and Driver


No Scoreboard

Time Display!

Racers will still get their time



PRO TREE / Heads up with

built in Handicap

Just Like


did it with Top Fuel

and Funny Car at Bristol

in 1999


This is not a Index race!

These are simply what handicaps that 

will be built into the tree when paired up!


So for example:

A Doorslammer NOS at a 3.90 runs a Doorslammer 14-71 at a 3.80

the Doorslammer NOS will get .10 handicap start! 

From there it's fastest dude to the finish line, Pro tree start!


Another example:

Doorslammer with a 14-71 at a 3.80 is paired up to a Dragster

with a 14-71 at a 3.70 

the Doorslammer will get .10 head start! From there it's

the fastest dude to the finish line, Pro tree start! 


 Doorslammer NOS    3.90

Doorslammer 14-71  3.80

Doorslammer Pro Charged 3.80

Doorslammer Turbo 3.80

Doorslammer Screw D 90% max 3.70

Doorslammer Screw C 128% max 3.60

Funny Car 14-71 3.80

Funny Car Screw D 90% max 3.70

Dragster 14-71 3.70

Dragster Screw D 128% max 3.60

Dragster NOS   3.90

Dragster Blown Small Block 3.90

Dragster Pro Charged 3.70

Dragster Turbo 3.70

Heads UP Racing at it's finest!







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