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Next Event June 5th 2019

Kentucky Dragway has tested two of these events out and talked

to a lot of you street racers to get an idea of what you would

like to see done for All Out Wednesday!


Stay tuned for details and updates!



*Gates Open:  7pm 

*Tech Card Draw at 7:30pm






It’s YOUR night in the spot light at Kentucky Dragway! It doesn’t matter if you are Young or old….Female or Male. Maybe you’re looking for something different to do mid-week with your friends! Or have a new place to hang out with your buddies and at the same time do a little racing! Kentucky Dragway is the place to be this summer on Wednesday Nights! You don’t need a special ‘race vehicle’! Your daily driver will do just fine! $10 admits YOU and YOUR vehicle! We’ve got a class for everyone from High School to Crazy Fast Street Cars and Diesel Trucks! So what are you waiting for?


Head out to Kentucky Dragway for

 "All OUT" Wednesday 


No Prep means that nothing has been done to the track to help the drivers out. The track has 💥NOT💥 been sprayed with traction compound and is untested taking more skill to win the race. Not just anyone can run a No Prep surface, Some racers love it some racers hate it.


*We encourage everyone to park their cars

in the staging lanes

*TECH Card Draw 

*No Prep

*Green Light Start Only

*No Score Board

*Win Light Only

*Cut Time Slips

*Off the Trailer 

*Off the Street

*No Test Hits

*No one allowed in the Tower when times are being displayed on track computer




More Classes to come 


CLASSES:  Import True Street

  •  Hard tire only!!!!!
  •  No 2-step, No Drag Radials, No Slicks.......



CLASSES:  True Street

  •  Hard tire only!!!!!
  •  No 2-step, No Drag Radials, No Slicks......



CLASSES:  Super Street

  •  No back Half

  •  You "CAN" run up to 300 Radial or 28 x 10.5 non W  


 Rules are subject to change to keep racing 

as fair as possible! 


Motorcycle - Any 2 wheel vehicles! Can-Am Motorcycles Permitted!



Gates Open:  7:00pm


Race / Watch / Test



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